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patchbay wiring and harnesses

SkinnyFish Audio has the best patchbay layouts for your new console. Our patchbay systems can also be fabricated to refit most consoles and installations. We can add new channel specific isolated phantom switching not available in a lot of vintage console. Our patchbays are all hand wiring and laced using the best patchbays and materials. We are extremely well-versed in normaling and bussing options. We can do complex ground bussing to insure that your facility has the lowest noise floor possible. Call for Prices….

We hand wire all of your custom harnesses as well using the same top shelf parts and cable. Weather you need to add a 24 track machine to you existing set up or add more outboard equipment, SkinnyFish Audio is your company. SkinnyFish Audio will also build all of your mic cables and adapters for your studio with the same exacting detail as we do everything else, but priced competitively with the non-handwired stuff.

At SkinnyFish Audio, we don’t want you to have to think about how to put your Patchbays together and figure the normaling and grounding out for yourself. We want to have everything done so all you have to do is plug it in and it works. You shouldn’t have to be concerned with where to plug a ton of DSubs in or which dipswitches to change to get going. It should all just work.
With SkinnyFish Audio, it just works!!