Audio With Teeth.

about SkinnyFish

I started SkinnyFish Audio to advance the art of proper wiring. Having played an essential part in the wiring standards of a lot of world class rooms including, OceanWay, Echo Mountain, Blackbird and The Parlor Studio in New Orleans, I learned early the right way of doing things. As for today, Lost is the art of client first and accuracy matters.

Working with some of the greats over the years has taught me how high the bar could be set. At SkinnyFish Audio, We build studios for people who are just as crazy about clean audio as we are. We use only top shelf parts and wire. I’m very obsessed about keeping the standards of Skinnyfish Audio wiring at the highest level.

The goal of SkinnyFish Audio is the same as your’s… To have the best possible recording studio your budget can allow. We can deliver anything from a world class studio all of the way down to a writing room. For the big thinkers out there, we can do anything you can dream. If it can be done, we will find the right way to make it happen. No job is too big or too far.

We can also take care of the songwriter. The best part is that if done correctly, even your home recordings will translate straight to master sessions.

If you want the cheapest and dirtiest studio, you should keep exploring the web.
If you want the best, You can stop looking. You found us…

For SkinnyFish Audio it’s all about clean audio.

-Mike Rhodes